Wednesday, December 10, 2014


The concepts that mostly emerged in my work in the past few weeks had to do with some kind of searching or trying to reach. I don't want to write much about the content of my pieces, because I find it difficult to put into words. As for process, in the ink drawing below I used a straw to blow through to create the neuron-like shapes. For the etching I initially tried to re-create a similar spontaneous pattern with a sugar lift, but the sugar solution was heavier than the ink and simply did not spread with the same speed on the surface of the copper, resulting in a rather clumsy and heavy looking result. I ended up starting over using scans of ink splashes on paper that I exposed to a screen. I screenprinted an acrylic resist onto the copper plate, added the aquatint and through that process I was able to re-create the ink marks on my plate.

Intaglio, Chine-Collé.
30cm x 30cm. 2014.

Ink on Paper. 

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