Saturday, May 21, 2011


Etching, screenprint, hand coloured.
30x30cm. 2011.

Spring has finally arrived and with it the geese have returned. In fact, it is the geese that are usually the first to herald the early days of spring. It was mid March this year when I heard the first two geese honking and flying by. It brought tears to my eyes. After the long Canadian winters I tend to get quite emotional at the first signs of spring and the geese in particular give me the joyous sense of awakening again at last. I had a sudden inspiration to make this print as a sequel to the Hibernation print from last year. I had a lot of fun drawing all the geese and the inevitable goose poop they leave behind to fertilize the fields. With this piece I had a lot less trouble with the photo etch of the figure and the textured softground in the background than I've had in the past. I guess I'm learning and starting to perfect some of the techniques.