Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Winnipeg II

My Winnipeg II.
Copper Etching, Hand Coloured.
45.5cm x 45.5cm. 2010.

Finally, after a few weeks back at the studio I have a new print to show. As the title indicates, this print is similar to My Winnipeg from a few years back, but with more of a downtown focus of Winnipeg, since most of my activities have shifted to downtown. The routes and buildings depicted in this piece lie along my bike and bus route to the studio and are places I come by every day. To me, they are all very typically Winnipeg; they are part of Winnipeg's face and character and they are part of what I enjoy about Winnipeg.
The sharing of the title with Guy Maddin's film is a coincidence; I didn't know about the film until after I printed my first edition in April 2007. It is simply My Winnipeg, my experience and my perception.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Winnipeg Neighbourhood II

After a summer full of this and that I'm finally settling into a studio routine again. I printed an edition of 50 of the Winnipeg Neighbourhood II linocut from the steamroller festival (no, I didn't rent a steamroller for the edition, I printed the plate indoors on our big printing press) and it is available for sale now.

This past week I re-worked the plate of the Assiniboine River Trail to print a second edition, since my first edition sold out rather fast. The total number of prints from edition 1 and 2 will not exceed 50 prints. I also started a new plate of a smaller piece about Winnipeg. I'll post images of the new prints as soon as they're done.