Thursday, October 26, 2017

My Winnipeg V

My Winnipeg V.
60cm x 60cm. 

Since I finished grad school I've been in this strange transition phase: transitioning into a new studio, transitioning from being a student to being a professional artist once again, and transitioning towards new work. Well, not entirely new work. Since I'm only in Edmonton till the end of the year and this studio is only a temporarily work space for me, and part of my time I spend teaching and my head is busy making moving plans, I haven't really found the right mental space to make conceptually complex work and continue with the direction of my grad school work at the moment. So, I decided to delve into my comfort zone again and make a print that comes easy while still being labour intensive and satisfying. So, here is My Winnipeg V, a linocut that I really enjoyed carving. The image shows parts of Crescentwood, Munson Park along the Assiniboine River, 514 Wellington Crescent (this mansion was/is threatened to be demolished to make way for condos I believe. I wonder if it's still standing and if it will get preserved after all?), West-, Middle-, and Eastgate, Westminster Church, the wonderful and forever playful Art City, and parts of River/Osborne. While my early Winnipeg prints were my attempts to get to know and connect with the city, at this point my maps have become the direction of my dreams towards a city I love and wish to return to.

Linoleum Plate Detail. Carving in progress. I use a flooring linoleum from Tarkett flooring. It is easy to carve since it has a high cork content.