Thursday, January 5, 2023

My Winnipeg VII

My Winnipeg VII. Linocut. 24"x36" image size, 30"x42" paper size. 2023.

With much delay I finally finished My Winnipeg VII. I was so bogged down with recurring colds before the holidays that I had fallen behind schedule, plus I wasn't entirely happy with the plate yet either. I actually started printing the edition before Christmas, but when I finally saw the solution to what I didn't like after print number six, I went back to carving some more on the plate and replacing one of the buildings entirely. I was so relieved when the initial deadline of late November was postponed to the new year, which gave me the extra time I needed to rework the printing plate and make a print I am happy with. 

My Winnipeg VII was in part commissioned by the Winnipeg Art Gallery in connection with the exhibition about the Winnipeg Free Press, News and Media. I was asked to somehow include the historic Winnipeg Free Press building on Carlton Street in the piece. With the entire print, I put a focus on media and educational institutions in downtown Winnipeg: there is the CBC on Portage Avenue, the UofW Wesley Hall, the Adult Education building (Isbister school), the Winnipeg Free Press building, the APTN building, the WAG and Qaumajuq, (the former Bay building), the Millenium library, and more. As usual, I have taken some liberties to arrange the buildings in a way that works for my map and does not represent the exact location of all buildings. 

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