Monday, May 23, 2016

Migration Study

Etching, Chine-Collé.
15cm x 30cm. 

Since I started graduate school, my posts have become so sporadic. Some day when life will normalize again, I hope to pick up blogging more regularly again. Until then, please bear with me.
This study is a small print I made a for an exchange portfolio with fellow printmaking students and faculty here at the University of Alberta. It was a plate I etched a while back. It didn't quite work for what I had intended it and at some point that plate had slipped into the acid bath without being fully stopped out, creating that strange band of open bite across the figures. There was something interesting about it, so months later I reworked the plate, scraping some parts, and re-etching others. I played quite a bit with spit-bite to get the washy effects and later I added the second plate with the red line drawings. In the end I had a nice little piece that I was quite happy with.

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