Sunday, May 29, 2016


19 Plate Intaglio.
60cm 90cm. 

How do I write about a piece on my blog when I don't know exactly what it represents? My advisors keep telling me to not overthink things, to work more intuitively and to trust that meaning will emerge in the finished piece. I'm not sure if the title for the piece is final. All I know is that there is something dark and ominous looming over an intact world (the dark cloud was initially intended to symbolize corporate power in an earlier piece). I'm not sure if the figures are still part of that world, or if they've disappeared already. Anyways, that's all I'm going to say about the content at this point and let you think about it for yourself.
I finally finished this print this week. I had a proof done for months already, but it took me forever to print a good print in a small edition (I only finished one so far). I re-worked some plates, which I kept putting off and for some reason it was so incredibly difficult to print the spit bites smoothly. It also took forever to print, since there are nineteen plates (a lot of them 30cm x 30cm), and with most layers I waited at least 24 hours before printing the next. So, my daily routine for the past few months has been to print a few plates on various prints, hope that I won't mess up half way through and continue the next day. More to come soon.

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