Sunday, October 18, 2020

New Winnipeg Linocut

It's been a while since I've posted new work. Since M. turned 8 months, I've been able to find some time and energy in the mornings to be in the studio again. I'm still learning to navigate being a mom and an artist. While I feel very busy working again, it also feels great to have some creative time and headspace. I am really grateful to have my studio at home, so I'm available if M. needs me and I don't have much stress with Covid-19 exposure or restrictions. I also absolutely love the heating table in my studio to carve linoleum on, because it softens it just right to make carving easier. 

I've started a new linocut in my Winnipeg series. Some of my favourite parts of city are right at its centre where the Red River and the Assiniboine River fork, the extensive walkways in the area and the surrounding landmarks and neighbourhoods that give this city so much of its character. While I've depicted parts of downtown and Saint Boniface in previous prints, I've been meaning to make work that includes the relatively new Museum of Human rights and the Upper Fort Garry Park. Since moving back to Winnipeg, living on the east side of the Red River has slightly changed my vantage point and I frequent different routes traveling through the city than I used to. I can't wait to proof this plate!

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