Sunday, December 1, 2019

SGCI Conference Portfolio Print

I just finished a conference portfolio print for SGCI (Southern Graphics Council International) in Puerto Rico next year. I was paired with scientist Brian Lapointe who has researched the increase in algae bloom and Sargassum around Florida and the Caribbean due to increased nutrient run off from over-fertilization on the land (from the Amazon and Mississippi basins) and from sewage. I've brought my own interest in the consequences of industrial agriculture to the table to create a five layer etching and digital print titled 'Eutrophication'. The Sargassum belt reaches an astonishing length of over 8,000km by now. An excess of Sargassum depletes the oxygen in marine habitats killing other marine species and damaging reefs. The land and the sea are connected. (Sargassum photo by Brian Lapointe).

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