Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Porch

The Porch.
Etching, Screenprint, Chine-Colle, Hand Coloured.
30x30cm. 2011.

Finally I can post the most recent print of my footprint series. I finished a proof just before my exhibition at Martha Street Studio, but I wasn't entirely happy with the piece and decided to continue working on the plate. After scraping back and re-etching Terry's face five times, it finally worked out OK. Instead of using the ImagOn photo process, I ended up screen printing a halftone image directly on to the copper plate with acrylic paint. The screen printed dot pattern was a lot more even than the developed photo emulsion, which never developed the image very evenly, overdeveloping some areas while under-developing others and therefore making an even etch impossible. Well, here it is. The image itself is of our happy days and on our dear screen porch in Winnipeg. The porch is out the back of our second floor apartment, right a tree level where the squirrel and the blue jay live. In summer it is such a lovely spot with some shade and some sun light. This is where we eat lovely dinners; this is where we sit for hours with friends enjoying company and a glass of wine; this is where we got married a few summers ago. This is a little corner where I truly feel at home.

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