Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Free Press Review

My show at Martha Street Studio got me a review in the Winnipeg Free Press. Click here to read the article titled "Intricate works will make you look twice", January 27, 2011, by Alison Gillmor. (It's the second half of the article). I think the write up is is really well done; I'm not too happy with the picture they took. Oh well. The sentence that is particularly beautifully worded is this one: "The artist -- and the viewer along with her -- seems to be floating over the landscapes and standing in them at the same time."
I've never really thought about my work in that way, but it totally makes sense to me now. This "floating over the landscapes and standing in them" exactly reflects how I always feel wherever I live; I enjoy living in my immediate surroundings, yet at the same time I'm never quite part of them; I'm always somewhat the stranger, the outsider, the observer.

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