Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last New Print - Hibernation

Etching, Screen print, Hand Coloured.
30cmx30cm. 2010.

Just on time I finished another print for my show at McNally Robinson. I didn't want Holding On to stand so alone with its content, size and format and since I was planning on continuing the footprint series anyways I decided to do it now. Like Holding On, Hibernation is an older image I've worked with before in one of my paintings. I took the same motif and changed the composition somewhat. As usual, I think the print is more successful than the painting.
Hibernation is about my almost irresistible desire to go to sleep with the first snow and to wake up in spring. In the print, I wrapped myself in a blanket with memories of Paraguay and warmth.
Again, this print is a copper etching with a translucent blue layer screen-printed over top. The colours in the blanket are hand coloured. I was planning on adding blind embossment to create textures in the snow, but it got lost a bit with all the subtle etched softground textures that are on the plate already. It just seemed too much and I liked the image better without it.

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