Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Goodbye SNAP!

Goodbye to the studio and the wonderful people at SNAP (Society of Northern Alberta Printmakers in Edmonton)! It is so great that every major city has a print studio where I can make my work. I worked here for the past six months, editioning the last print from my thesis exhibition and printing a new linocut! Now all my tools, inks, paper and plates are packed up and I'm ready to move on to new adventures.


Intaglio, Chine-Collé.
60cm x 90cm.

I finally finished printing an edition of three of the last print from my thesis exhibition. I worked on this edition over the course of the past three months. I built up the image by printing and layering about thirty (mostly small) printing plates. It's a bit of a crazy process, but when I started the piece, it was a rather experimental image, which made printing the edition a bit of a challenge. I printed one to two plates on each sheet of translucent gampi paper per day at the studio. The ink has to dry in between print cycles. Once finished, I mounted the gampi on a sheet of rag paper.
The imagery in this piece is part of my Dispossession series and depicts the displacement of subsistence farmers that are forced off their lands by the expansion of soy production, represented by the mechanical image element of a pneumatic soy seeder. Please note that some of the figures are carrying seed jars, symbolizing the ongoing effort to save seeds and the hope that more sustainable planting traditions might persist and be saved, even though they might lie dormant for a while.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

My Winnipeg V

My Winnipeg V.
60cm x 60cm. 

Since I finished grad school I've been in this strange transition phase: transitioning into a new studio, transitioning from being a student to being a professional artist once again, and transitioning towards new work. Well, not entirely new work. Since I'm only in Edmonton till the end of the year and this studio is only a temporarily work space for me, and part of my time I spend teaching and my head is busy making moving plans, I haven't really found the right mental space to make conceptually complex work and continue with the direction of my grad school work at the moment. So, I decided to delve into my comfort zone again and make a print that comes easy while still being labour intensive and satisfying. So, here is My Winnipeg V, a linocut that I really enjoyed carving. The image shows parts of Crescentwood, Munson Park along the Assiniboine River, 514 Wellington Crescent (this mansion was/is threatened to be demolished to make way for condos I believe. I wonder if it's still standing and if it will get preserved after all?), West-, Middle-, and Eastgate, Westminster Church, the wonderful and forever playful Art City, and parts of River/Osborne. While my early Winnipeg prints were my attempts to get to know and connect with the city, at this point my maps have become the direction of my dreams towards a city I love and wish to return to.

Linoleum Plate Detail. Carving in progress. I use a flooring linoleum from Tarkett flooring. It is easy to carve since it has a high cork content.