Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Fields of Light and Stone - Book Cover

Fields of Light and Stone, a poetry collection by Winnipeg writer Angeline Janel Schellenberg, published by the University of Alberta Press, has just been released. The book cover is a detail of a print of mine (Last Embrace). While bookstores are closed and the book launch has been postponed, you can order this book online from McNally Robinson: https://www.mcnallyrobinson.com/9781772125115/a-schellenberg/fields-of-light-stone?blnBKM=1

Saturday, March 28, 2020

11th Triennale Mondiale de l'Estampe

I had a few studio days again for the first time in three months to make five small prints (15cmx15cm) for the 11th Triennale Mondiale de l'Estampe in Chamalières in France. I've been reusing some of the copper plates from my plate library to layer them to make some of my soy prints on a smaller scale. Soy III also includes one layer of a laser cut woodcut and Soy V has a chine-collé layer of a digital satellite print.
It sure is a new experience being in the studio with a baby around, but I'm glad it works (sort of).

Sunday, December 1, 2019

SGCI Conference Portfolio Print

I just finished a conference portfolio print for SGCI (Southern Graphics Council International) in Puerto Rico next year. I was paired with scientist Brian Lapointe who has researched the increase in algae bloom and Sargassum around Florida and the Caribbean due to increased nutrient run off from over-fertilization on the land (from the Amazon and Mississippi basins) and from sewage. I've brought my own interest in the consequences of industrial agriculture to the table to create a five layer etching and digital print titled 'Eutrophication'. The Sargassum belt reaches an astonishing length of over 8,000km by now. An excess of Sargassum depletes the oxygen in marine habitats killing other marine species and damaging reefs. The land and the sea are connected. (Sargassum photo by Brian Lapointe).

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Mennonites and Anthropology Conference

I did a presentation at a conference at the University of Winnipeg about my work: disPOSSESSION - exploring Mennonite and Indigenous Land Usage in Paraguay through art. A lot of interesting conversations resulted from it. And as you can see, one of my images was used for the poster.

Here are a few presentation photos along with a picture of the beautiful Wesley Hall, University of Winnipeg, where the conference took place.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Student Response to My Work

Here is a student's reflection about my work at Weber State University that was shared with me. I was really touched reading this response! Thank you, Matt. (Click on image to enlarge text).

Thanks to a wonderful and interested audience, I had a great time giving an artist talk with Alison Gillmor at the Winnipeg Free Press News Cafe Friday night!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Article in the Winnipeg Free Press

There is an article about me and my work in the Winnipeg Free Press. Thank you Alison Gilmor! You can access the article digitally here.

I'm also doing the First Fridays ART TALK/ART WALK 'A Sense Of Place' at the Winnipeg Free Press News Café this Friday.